WILD LIFE TIPS 1: Dealing with Snakes

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What are some rules and tips for dealing with snakes while on the trail or camping?

Rule 1:

Learn what snakes are in your area and which ones are poisonous. How to easily identify and recognize them will not only make you feel safer but it is also fun once you learn about those animals and can impress your fellow travelers.

Rule 2:

Snakes don’t want to bite something too big to eat. They will only do so as a last resort if they are cornered or you pretty much step on them. They will hiss and make a break for it before they strike most of the time.  Do not act aggressively.  Do not surprise them.  Walking around them is usually the best option.

Tip 1:Coast_Garter_Snake

Trekking poles can be useful as a target if they’re going to strike.  There are many useful websites out there for information on US snakes.  One of my favorites is the for US snake species is “eNature”  on which you can filter results by region!


Any other tips or suggestions?  Feel free to comment and add some rules and tips!

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